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MyTCM, formerly known as Ren Yi TCM KL-Setapak, has been serving the local multiracial community since 2015 with our excellent Traditional Chinese Medications and Acupuncture treatments. We take pride in our dedicated team of caring and experienced Malaysia Registered TCM Practitioners, ready to listen and evaluate your condition to achieve your objectives.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a medical condition, or seeking support before or after fertility enhancement, pregnancy and beyond, MyTCM will relieve or manage the symptoms of illness or injury and help improve recovery.

We understand that every patient is unique and our medications are focused on creating personalized treatment plans and herbal medications for faster recovery and comfort. We are continuously collaborating with Chinese universities to expand our knowledge on the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, so you get answers, options, and hope where none may have existed before.

Come and experience the warmth and effectiveness of MyTCM, and let us be a part of your wellness story towards better health and happiness.

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周末门诊之 刘医师马不停蹄的整骨日常 MR骨架平衡术是仁医堂门诊的独特整骨治疗  运用整脊枪在受害椎体敲击进行调整 有别于传统徒手整脊 MR骨架平衡术 即温柔且安全有效 #中医中药 #针灸 #MR骨架平衡術 #中医骨伤 #中医康复 #中医助孕 #中医妇科 #中医儿科 #中医皮肤外科 #中医内科 #renyiTCM #renyiKLSetapak #renyiPJ 【RYT TCM PV15 SETAPAK BRANCH】G2, PV15 Platinium Lake Condominium ,No 2A ,Jalan Danau Saujana ,Danau Kota,53300

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仁医堂客制化月子汤包 准备月子汤包的时候这代表一个爱的人呼唤,一个新生命的到来相信我们的【客制化精选坐月汤包】可以帮到你!为什么要【CUSTOMIZED•客制化】如果你:突然改变生产计划必须开刀?产后产程大出血医生不让吃中药和姜?宝宝出生是G6PD?宝宝出生后黄疸?这对购买了我们汤包的您都不是问题因为您的坐月全程将会有 资深妇科医师 陪您闯关仁医堂中医诊所为您提供量身打造的月子药膳产品:28天特制月子药膳汤包14天特制月子药膳汤包10天特制月子药膳汤包五味红枣水特制泌乳茶配方产后暖宫散

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黄医师和病人儿子对望(所以是?!) 每周都会上演这场看似聋哑又好像有点装聋做哑的戏码:”啊?!听不到啊!”:”还有没有喘啊问你!”:”好很多啊,但是你跟医生讲药苦不好吃啊!”老先生和儿子你一句我一句两人尖叫式的对话常让周围病人都紧张起来以为两父子随时Lap家伙吵架但门诊的我们也已经很习惯“李董”的Pattern他一进门前台小姐姐就熟门熟路的给他椅子上架起软垫再回头跟跟周围病人说”没事,他们不是吵架,公公他耳背太小声听不到啊””李董”自MCO以来就是门诊的常客因为用了心衰利尿剂效果用了还是很喘而前来见我们黄医师用中药保心利水治疗:”叫你不准喝酒了啊,脚会肿,肿了就喘了”: “什么啊?”: “不要喝酒啊!!”:”啊?听不到啊!!! “你知道,选择性失聪总是出现得很及时..

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